Category streams from emitted events include ACL events

A category stream with events inserted by the client doesn’t contain ACL events, whereas a category stream with events inserted by an emit on a projection seem to have an ACL event for each stream.

Is there anyway to disable this behaviour? According to docs, stream will take ACL default if there is no event in stream. I want to subscribe to the category and would rather not have a bunch of redundant events.

I'm not sure I follow the question.

An event causes a projection to emit, eg:

emit(‘foo-123’, ‘bar’, { foobar: 1})

Then stream “$ce-foo” has 2 events, one with type “bar” and one with type “$metadata”, which I assume is for ACLs. This doesn’t happen when inserting events normally.

I am also interested in getting rid of metadata events in the $ce streams. Surely we can filter them out by name but they are completely unexpected.