CatchupSubscription skipping events

I have a strange problem where my catch up subscription to $all does dead after the initial startup using the embedded client. If I turn on verbose logging I can see logs like the following:

[24,14:42:18.564,DEBUG] Catch-up Subscription to : event appeared (deal-28547298c36946199314944770876eac, 0, DealCreatedEvent @ ).

[24,14:42:18.564,DEBUG] Catch-up Subscription to : skipping event (deal-28547298c36946199314944770876eac, 0, DealCreatedEvent @ ).

Why are the events being skipped?

It seems to behave fine when using a normal ES instance

Here’s a linqpad script showing the problem:

It ignores the events after the second thread sleep (I don’t think this is a bad thread sleep)