CatchUpError as subscription drop reason

Processing stops with this error, re-trying connection or re-starting from next event number gives same error.

“EventStore.ClientAPI.Exceptions.RetriesLimitReachedException: Item Operation ReadStreamEventsForwardOperation (91e1e992-4cbb-4dc3-b594-042ac239faeb): Stream: allNonSystemEvents, FromEventNumber: 39500, MaxCount: 500, ResolveLinkTos: True, RequireMaster: True, retry count: 10, created: 10:11:14.637, last updated: 10:12:10.948 reached retries limit : 10\r\n at EventStore.ClientAPI.Internal.EventStoreNodeConnection.ReadStreamEventsForwardAsync(String stream, Int64 start, Int32 count, Boolean resolveLinkTos, UserCredentials userCredentials)\r\n at EventStore.ClientAPI.EventStoreStreamCatchUpSubscription.ReadEventsInternalAsync(IEventStoreConnection connection, Boolean resolveLinkTos, UserCredentials userCredentials, Nullable`1 lastEventNumber)\r\n at EventStore.ClientAPI.EventStoreCatchUpSubscription.LoadHistoricalEventsAsync()”

There is nothing special about this event, and there are many more after this event.

Any help would be appreciated.


The number of retries the subscription was told to max out at was reached. It tried 10 times, failed 10 times, and raised an error. These numbers are configurable, 10 is the default IIRC.

Are there other errors occurring etc or is it just a timeout?

It is just timeout, and always on the same event number :frowning:

Does adjusting window size requested help? Might it be say 500 2mb events? :slight_smile: Obviously send over 1 gb of data would be likely to timeout. Anything in server logs?

I have about 20 mil. events to chew through. Are you saying I need to build some kind of buffering on my side?

Even if I start at event 39499, it is unable to read next event. It throws CatchupError.