Case Studies

I’ve not been able to find any case studies of using eventstore on either the geteventstore website or on google.

Would some nice people please share their experiences with using event store here (both the good and the bad)? Including a background on your product/service, volumes, etc would be useful (though not required).


This is something i would love to see a huge majority on the commercial side can likely not tell you where they work. It is often ‘a company dealing in financial dealings’ or ‘gambling’ etc.

CERN use it at the Large Hadron Collider, they discuss it on this video from last year’s Event Store release. The CERN bit starts at minute 57.

Thanks for that. It’s a shame more cannot be made available.

we’ll try and get some written up but priority effort right now is improving docs

Not necessary comprehensive case study, we can start by having simple Built with page like ( or (

the simplest ideas are always the best, spoken to @danleech and we are sorting this out along with a thank you to you.

When our usage matures, we would love to share our case…