Can't start projections on Linux

Hey all,

ES 3.0.1 on Ubuntu 14.10

RunProjections: All

I’m unable to start projections.


They work great on my Windows dev box.

Where can I start figuring this out.



So I noticed that ldconfig -p | grep ‘libjs1|libv8’ didn’t produce any results.

I added a ‘/etc/’ file with the path to GES bin and reloaded the ld cache.

Still nothing.


I’ve reverted this and just use env in the init script.

I can confirm that LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set correctly. But I still can’t start projections. Not even the system projections.

Total game stopper.

OK. I think I know what’s going on. I just need help configuring everything around this.

I’m seeing this when viewing a system projection in Chrome: OPTIONS$by_category/state net::ERR_ADDRESS_INVALID

I’m sitting behind ngnix and forwarding traffic to (because I’m terrified of Azure changing IPs). Apparently Chrome doesn’t dig

if I set config with my eth0 IP:



I see “$stream_by_category/command/enable net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT”

I’m gonna try through the TCP client

Ok…I can start all projections via the TCP client.

This means that my HTTP config needs help.

Here’s what I have tried.

So the whole problem is with the URLs returned from service calls to the server (projectionservice in webui). The server has no idea what the public IP/host name is. It just knows what’s set in config.

I used FiddlerScript to change all IP:2113 to publicdns and everything came to life.

Seeing as most people won’t want to go this trouble, maybe this a call for a new proxy config setting.

Absolutely no input?

Have nginx rewrite the URLs seems like a simple approach here?

Unless I’m completely missing something, that doesn’t work in this case.

However, some requests use the urls returned from an API call.


Open WebUI and point it to public DNS or IP. Ngnix will proxy this request through to ExtIp:2113 and everything seems good; for the most part.

Most requests will be made in this context.

However, some requests are made to urls returned from an API call.

The API call here is /projections/all-non-transient. This returns an array of objects with urls pointing to the external IP and port.

I can’t very well have ngnix listening at that address.

It seems a good solution is to return relative urls from the API or to simply have the app (angular) parse it out. Which is what I’m going to with a fork when I have the time.

I hope that was all clear.


Is this solved with X-Forwarded-Port?

Is it just the port changing on the proxy?