Can't create projection in ES 3.8 (Docker)

When using our Dockerized instance of Event Store on a development environment, we cannot seem to create a projection that starts correctly. It is possibly related to this other issue that I just posted about.

Here’s the steps to reproduce:

Hi Zach, thanks for reporting this issue.
We are in the process of bringing out release 3.8.1 and the docker image should be updated accordingly. Will investigate projections within the update docker image.

As a side note, your issue with regards to coming back in the url is related to a PR in 3.8.1 that will handle building urls a bit better. e.g.

Zach, I think it would be best to break this down into smaller issues as I suspect what you are seeing is a combination of a bunch of smaller guys.
Please can you test via 3.8.1 firstly?

Secondly, have you tried creating a simple counter projection? I have just pulled the latest docker image and the projections that i’m creating are working fine.

Lastly, do you possibly have logs that you can share with me that would indicate why the projection is failing to start?


Rebuilt Docker image and container with version 3.8.1. No change in this or the linked issue.