Can't authenticate on the Web UI Portal: request to to /info receives no response


I have inherited a system using EventStore runing on 3 notes on an Azure VM’s (windows). I know little of the Event Store system, other than how the applications here read and write to it, and how to browse the streams.

I believe the cluster has been running fine for a long time. Today however I was trouble shooting an issue (likely unrelated to the EventStore, but not sure), and someone restarted the VM’s. The event store process seemed to come back up. But now I can’t seem to log into the web portal. When I click login, nothing happens. Looking in the Chrome Inspector, I can see the login request being sent to /info, but no response is ever received.

What are the trouble shooting steps for this? Which processes should I see running on the VM? Any other tips?

I should add that I am I am logging in on the LAN address (

It seems that I am able to login now. It just took 45 minutes after the server came back online. I am not sure if this is normal or not.

If the ES indexes are large then startup time can be a long time. How big is your data directory and/or index directory?