Cannot create any projection

Using 1.0.1 binaries I cannot create any projection neither in Chrome nor in IE.

The error is:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)


The Chat example doesn’t work either:

GET http://localhost:2113/web/es/js/projections/v8/Prelude/Modules.js 404 (Not Found) chat.htm:5

GET http://localhost:2113/web/es/js/projections/v8/Prelude/Projections.js 404 (Not Found) chat.htm:5

GET http://localhost:2113/web/es/js/projections/v8/Prelude/1Prelude.js 404 (Not Found) chat.htm:5

  1. Uncaught ReferenceError: scope is not defined es.projections.environment.js:27

The “Projections” section of the website reports the following error in JavaScript Console:

GET http://localhost:2113/projections/continuous 404 (Not Found)

Looks like the path to javascript files is not correct:

Replying 404 for v8/Prelude/1Prelude.js ==> \singlenode-web\js\projections**\v8/Prelude/1Prelude.js**

while the files are located in the *\singlenode-web\Prelude* folder.

Can’t wait for 1.0.2 :wink:

You do have --run-projections set?

I’m trying to reproduce but cannot (nor can James) can you verify you have 1.0.1 binary downloads? I have tested Linux he in windows I will check in windows too

Hmmm, I didn’t know about --run-projections (I looked at for something like this, but it was not there).

Looks like it works fine with this key. Maybe some warning like “projections host isn’t running” on Query and Projections pages would be helpful (as well as in the console).


Projections in the 1.0 forward is disabled by default. We actually considered not deploying it all.

Oh, why? Major breaking changes coming?

I understand that it is “experimental”, but it is also the coolest feature of the product, let us experiment! :slight_smile:



Projections are not 100% we reserve the right to change. The other Apis have backwards compatibility. At the same time the rest is ready for production projections will be soon.