Cannot connect to 3 node cluster

Hello everyone
I am having trouble connecting to eventstore cluster (with 3 nodes). So I have a 3 nodes each running on Azure VM and below is the code to connect and append streams

                    var settings = EventStoreClientSettings.Create("esdb://admin:changeit@{node1IP}:2113,{node2IP}:2113,{node3IP}:2113?tls=true&tlsVerifyCert=false&keepAliveTimeout=10000&keepAliveInterval=10000");

                    var client = new EventStoreClient(settings);
                    var evt = new 
                        EntityId = Guid.NewGuid().ToString("N"),
                        ImportantData = "I wrote my first event!"
                    var eventData = new EventData(
                    await client.AppendToStreamAsync(
                        new[] { eventData });
                    var result = client.ReadStreamAsync(
                    var events = await result.ToListAsync();
                    foreach (var eventIn in events)
                        Console.WriteLine($"event: {eventIn.ToString()}\n");

Error I am getting is DiscoveryException: Failed to discover candidate in 10 attempts.
I can telnet the address from my local machine and seems to the problem is only with gRPC connection.

is this the same question as on stackoverflow ?