Cannot connect to 1113/tcp Locally

Hi, I’m forking that topic :slight_smile:
I am running docker on ubuntu with the ges container found in the docker repository.

I can hit ges via http at [containerIp]:2113 but when I try to use Brain’s node tcp client I get connection refused.

The reason I’m forking this is because this is all on my local machine. So I don’t think firewalls or strange cloud environmental issues would be the case.

I’m exposing both ports, in both the ges setup in the container forwarding them to the host in the container run.

My linux is super green and I don’t know many diagnostic tools. To be honest, I can’t tell if this is an issue with docker, the specific container or ges. But I know how much you guys love containers :slight_smile: so I thought I’d ask you for help.

Also Greg, plus 1 for an official container. I can’t say I know enough to have any complaints with the one out there, but I’d feel a lot better if you put one together.


I’ll be happy to post any kind of information that would be helpful to solve, this, but like I said, I’m new to linux and don’t really know where to go.


Is the client also running on Ubuntu? If you don’t run in docker does it work?

There’s unlikely to be an official container unless something materially changes in the benefits they provide.

Do you see 1113 open with netstat? Can you telnet to it?

ugg, anti-climatic as per usual. I did do netstat and the ports were not listed. However, a system reboot and rebuild of the container seems to have solved my problems. I think things were just a bit messed up from repeated messing around.
well, thanks for indulging me.

And James, don’t be coy, we know you love docker! :slight_smile:

– actually I understand your position re-stateful containers, but for development it is kind of nice. When I go ipo I’ll probably have it run on a standard vm.


Are you running Boot2Docker or actually running a Linux development machine?

Hi, I"m running ubuntu as my machine os. at work I"m on windows with vbox into ubuntu.

Sorry, that’s not clear. At home my machine os is ubuntu, at work windows to vbox into ubunutu