Can we save events using UTF-16 encoding on Event store ?

Hi everyone!

First of all, I wish all a happy new year!

My futur system needs to be compatible with all cultures (Cyrilic, Asian, etc…).

In azure table storage they use UTF-16 and we were compatible with all alphabet.

I’m not sure if Event Store allow us to save our events in UTF-16 ? Could you confirm me that ?

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In es for evebts its a vector of byte, it doesnt care about encodings etc unless you use projections… in the case of stream names etc its utf8.

Thanks Greg for your answer !

Indeed, we going to use projections using javascript, is there any encoding constraints here ?

Utf8 iirc

Thanks Greg for your answer.

I’m not comfortable with projections.

Anyone with multi cultural experience on Event Store ? Any workaround on this ?

Thanks !

What exactly is your worry with utf8 vs utf16? You can encode any
unicode character in either? Are you primarily dealing with asian text
where utf16 might be smaller or?

My system imports products catalog files from different encoding in different culture and they does not respect standards.
To avoid to lose any special characters they use we need to keep correctly the value to reuse it later.
We will make some tests to see what’s happened.
I’ll keep you in touch.
Thanks Greg.