can I throttle the mem usage for geteventstore on my dev box?

as it is, i’m on a lenovo yoga with only 8GB of ram, and when ES3 starts, it’ll take all the memory available - about 1GB in my case.

Can I set this to a limit of something like 100 mb? on my dev box, we’re looking at very very small amounts of data, < 100k steam items.

Thank you!

Im guessing you are running windows? :slight_smile:

Its the windows file cache using the memory not event store usually.
Easy options:

1) run dev (--unbuffered)
2) limit windows file cache
3) put ES on a drive with caching disabled.



what would that equate to in the eventstore.config file as a setting?

Which? The first for running dev branch with unbuffered io? I believe
its unbuffered : true (tip try out --what-if it will print your
effective config and where things come from)


Thanks for your time on this. Following the docs, if I add that (highlighted) line - the service can’t start - here is my basic config. when i remove the testing Unbuffered: True - the service comes alive.

#database and logs path

Db: D:\eventstore\db

Log: D:\eventstore\db-logs

ExtTcpPort: 4532

ExtHttpPort: 5500


Unbuffered: True

SkipDbVerify: True

#Run all projections

RunProjections: All

What version are you running. As I mention that feature is only on dev
not in 3.0.4etc

btw you also probably want to use -c 0 (it defines how many chunks we
cache by default 2).