Can I recover from this?

Seems we had a low disk space issue on our server and when I start up the EventStore I am seeing this error in the logs. Can this be fixed?

Error while processing message EventStore.Core.Messages.SystemMessage+SystemInit in queued handler ‘StorageWriterQueue’.

System.ArgumentException: Log record at actual pos 268432959 has non-positive length: -639231. Something is seriously wrong in chunk 18-18


sure it can be fixed.

What is the number of the last chunk in your data directory?

What is file size of your chunk 18?

Could you send me your *.chk files? (or their content in HEX, they are 8 byte each)

thank you


Hi Yuriy,

I have chunk 18 and chunk 19, which are both 256mb and were created at the same time today. I will send you the *.chk files separately.