Can I make make requests from inside a projection?

Is there a way to make external requests and then receive the reply inside of a user defined projection.

I am trying to use ES-projections like actors. The problem I now have is that some of these actors need external information (information that is not present in event store). Therefore my question is: Can I make some kind of externel request (for example an HTTP request) from inside a projection?

Some additional information: As soon as I have this possibility to make external calls I might also use them to call an azure function in those cases where the actor code is very complex. I would then pass state and message to the azure function.

Es-Projections can not make call to the outside world, they have to work on the data inside the events.

Thank you Yves!
I totally understand that this makes sense for ES. Sadly that destroys my architectural idea.

Well, you can use an actor framework outside , that works pretty well with EventSourcing & Esdb under the hood for storage

Yip, I can do that. Sadly in Azure (where we run our workloads) there is no satisfying actor framework as a service. So I need more VMs and more technology to learn and maintain which I wanted to avoid.