Can an eventstore subscribe to an eventstore? What are you doing to replicate data between prod and dev?

Sounds like a silly question, but I’m trying to solve the dev vs staging vs production environment issue. What we want is to have production data available in dev, for example. It seemed like the easiest solution would be to just have our dev query model subscribe to production event stores, but then the event store data would be in the wrong state. So then we thought if we can just replicate between production and dev, that would help but they’re on different subnets. Then we thought maybe we could have the event stores just listen to each other. I’m not sure how ridiculous any of these solutions are.

How are you guys handling this?

Use SubscribeToAllFrom on a catchup subscription and just write them
to your dev event store.

Ugh I feel like a dummy. For some reason, I was fixated on the idea that it had to run through the domain, but derp, that was already done… thanks