C# Api CreatePersistentSubscriptionAsync for multiple stream


I want to create a persistent subscription which updates my prepared views. Now when I look at the c# api i see that the CreatePersistentSubscriptionAsync requires a stream name.

But how can I persiostant subscription for all aggregates

Am I missing something or is this currently not possible?

There is not currently a persistent subscription to all.

This requires a significant amount of work (different checkpointing
different messaging to client etc). It is also only an optimization.
You can feasibly use link to with projections to create an aggregated
stream then use competing on that stream.

Since there is a way of doing it and it would basically be an
optimization we decided to leave it for a later day. We are happy to
produce the feature to allow optimizing subscribe to all if someone is
willing to fund the effort.



Also persistent subscriptions are generally not great for running
projections to say a database. A catchup subscription is better for
this purpose. Persistent subscriptions do not have an ordering

Speaking of projections, whats the status, still in beta? (think that’s gonna be a showstopper for using competing unfortunately)


Many thanks for your explanations . I thought also on the link to feature but the ordering issue wasn’t on my mind.

Currently i use a catchup subscription and combination with some kind of “LastPositionStorage”. But I would have loved to have a built in visualization like the Competing Consumers have :slight_smile:

But looks like i’will need to use the existing features.