$by_correlation_id projection fails

Keep getting these:

The ‘$by_correlation_id’ projection faulted due to 'An event emitted in recovery for stream $bc-f8efc906-5d8e-4320-bcbb-f4ee8035e278 differs from the originally emitted event.

A reset helps for a while, but after a while it’s broken again. Other projections work fine. Version 5.0.8

Hi Peter,

This issue has been fixed on Event Store 20.6.0-rc. Would you mind giving it a try?

Haven’t tried a new db yet, but on an existing it seems to be stuck. Both stop and reset fails, and checkpoint status is Requested.

(Is there a way to avoid the structured json logs when running locally in v6? The old option seems deprecated?)

Seems to work if I reset in 5.0.8, and then open the database with 20.6rc.