Build the js1.dll file?

Hello, I have a problem with getting started with Event Store.

I´m now trying to get the Event Store to work on my computer.

I´m on the building stage.

**I have fixed all the **Prerequisites:

  • .NET Framework v4.0+
  • Windows platform SDK with compilers (v7.1) or Visual C++ installed
  • git on PATH
  • svn on PATH
    and I can runt the command build.cmd in the commando prompt, but It misses the file js1.dll in the \src\EventStore\libs directory.

How do I create that or build that file (js1.dll)? Can anyone give me an instruction?

Kind regards


are you passing full as argument? It should build js1 as part of build

Whar do you mean with passing full as argument?

I get this message when I´m building:

Cannot run a ‘quick’ build - js1.dll is not found at C:\Users\Johan\Desktop\Event Store\EventStore-master\src\EventStore\libs\x64
Running full build instead
Build Configuration

Try /help you need the full target not the quick target

Okay thanks.

It seems like that the full target is done for the build.
The build have created a map that is called V8 with all the belonging files.

Where do i find the EventStore.SingelNode.exe file, if I will try to run the Event Store?