Build Read Model with name other than "EventType" property?


If I write events like this, can I then use them for read models in some way? It seems the when function takes some ‘pattern match’ but how?

“_name”: “urn:logibit.web:Event|SavedDetails”,
“SavedDetails”: {
“id”: “ad4824b1-bf5d-4f74-85b6-f5a56330cf96”,
“description”: “Taxi to JFK”


Since we save the Type in the .Net API here:

We decided to try to use the urn in a projection:

This projection seems to find the events:

‘urn:logibit.web:Event|SavedDetails’: function(s, e) {linkTo(“account-12345”, e)}

However, when clicking on the event in the web GUI for EventStore, the resulting view displays nothing at all; it seems the ‘account-12345’-stream is ordered from 2 inclusive. See attached screen shot.

Thats quite possible. My guess is if you look at the stream metadata it probably has $tb : 2 (which means it was soft deleted at some point with 2 events in it). Perhaps you reset the projection at some point?