Bug #1266 after upgrade to Event Store Client 4.0.0


In our application, we were using Event Store together with Embedded Client 3.9.4. However, we’ve noticed that there is a bug regarding and manual acking for persistent subscriptions, which was crucial for us.

Fortunatelly, we’ve noticed that the bug has been fixed in Event Store Client version 3.9.5 so we upgrade Client and the problem was solved.

Recently we’ve migrated to Event Store 4.0.1 with Event Store Client 4.0.0 (Current Version available from March 23, 2017)… and the problem with acking persisten subscriptions for embedded returned.

We’ve noticed that this was fixed in Client 4.0.1 but… this is still Pre-Release, and for us it’s risky to use Pre-Release version on our Production.

The question is… when do you plan to release Event Store Client 4.0.1 or Event Store Client 4.0.2 (I think I saw a branch for it)?

Is there anywhere a roadmap?