Binding to arbitrary interfaces

Hey folks,

I’m running Event Store in a vm when I’m developing. The default binding to port won’t work, since that only binds to the local interface, so that Event Store is only accessible from within the VM.

I changed it to --ip That makes it bind to the external interface. But it seems the web server is a little bit too clever, so I get HTTP status code 400, with the body “Bad Request (Invalid host)”. I don’t actually have in my browser, I use http://192.168.13:37:2112, which is the machine-local IP my VM is accessible from.

So I solved it by binding specifically to Is it possible to make Event Store less clever in this regard, and skip the host header check completely?

You have to add a prefix for that --http-prefix= or --prefixes this is also how you deal with things like elastic Ips where he ip doesn’t match what’s bound.