Bad builds of 3.0.4 on Windows

It’s become apparent that the builds of 3.0.4 released for Windows were built from an incorrect source tag, and have breaking changes on them. Version 3.0.4 has been withdrawn from download availability for Windows (both commercial and open source), and 3.0.5 is currently being prepared from the correct source tags. We’ll release for all platforms to keep the version numbering sane, even though the Linux and MacOS binaries will be identical except for version number.

If you have a database reporting HashValidationException messages in the logs of a database which you have upgraded to 3.0.4 and do not have a backup of it (!!!), please contact us on here and we can help you to restore these to a working state.

Apologies for this oversight - we’ll be adding steps to the build process to verify the tag output on startup matches the package version in due course.