backup included in commercial solution?


Do you include some kind of backup solution in the commercial version?


What kind of solution are you looking for? Right now just copying files works.

I’ll take that as a no :slight_smile:

Just curious what you are looking for.

Oh, sure, we are just weighing some options. At the moment we are not completely sure which strategy we want: differential, complete or node replication…

Ah ok.

So of the 3 obviously the 3rd will be the highest availability
(normally done in conjunction with #2). It can automatically recover
from failures and is highly unlikely to lose anything (on at least 2

1 & 2... How much time is acceptable between failure/recovery what is
the value of data that could be lost



the commercial edition does have a back up utility albeit a simple one

Complete vs differential backup is a fairly meaningless distinction when the data is immutable since the chunk files are substitutable between versions. By node replication do you mean mirroring an online primary cluster asynchronously to a secondary one?

Does this include zipping?