Azure VPN to cluster from dev environment

Does anyone have any success in setting up P2S VPN into a Azure virtual network that’s peered with a EventStore cluster? I know from our conversation Alexey, you were giving this a shot yourself. Just wanted to see if you’ve any success.

I believe the requirement from Azure is to enable the gateway transit feature for the peering. As the Azure peering is initiated from our side, you cannot change this property. I discussed it with the Cloud team and they plan to change it.

I am actually interested in the use case of this. From my conversations with ES Cloud customers, the main need is to look at the UI. Is that your case too Peter? Of you want to write and read events from dev machines too?

Yes, the main need is to look at the UI. It would be good to also have a solution for reading events from dev machines too, but for now that’s not our main use case.