AWS Cloud - AccessDenied

When connecting to EventStore Cloud in AWS I get this exception while using the projection management client to list the projections. (The app starts by checking the projections, so I haven’t yet tested if it’s able to connect with the other client for adding events):

Unhandled exception. EventStore.Client.AccessDeniedException: Status(StatusCode="PermissionDenied", Detail="Access Denied")
 ---> Grpc.Core.RpcException: Status(StatusCode="PermissionDenied", Detail="Access Denied")

Here is the connection string I’m using (obtained from the ES Cloud control panel for Grpc connections):


Here is the code that creates the connection:

  .ConfigureServices(services =>

    void ConfigureEventStoreSettings(EventStoreClientSettings settings)
      settings.ConnectivitySettings = EventStoreClientSettings.Create(eventStoreOptions.ConnectionString).ConnectivitySettings;
      settings.OperationOptions.ThrowOnAppendFailure = true;
      if (Debugger.IsAttached)
        settings.OperationOptions.TimeoutAfter = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(9999);

I guess I’ve not configured username/password correctly? I was not able to find any information in the control panel regarding this or an access key however.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Update: Still not working. I tried creating an access token under my user account here:
Authentication Tokens - Event Store Cloud

And added the following code to the ConfigureEventStoreSettings method.

      if (!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(eventStoreOptions.AuthToken))
        settings.DefaultCredentials = new(eventStoreOptions.AuthToken);

But I’m still getting the same exception.

the database doesn’t support auth tokens in ES cloud yet. you need to use the default un:pwd (adminchangeit) and probably change it

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That worked for me. Thank you.
Please note that the default username/pass for a cloud instance is not noted in the documentation or in the cloud console. Because I was not aware of the facility to change the password (also not mentioned in the documentation or cloud console), I was under the impression that user/pass were not set for the private-network cloud instances.