Awful experience with Azure Cloud

Create a Cluster using Azure and it never started.

Created a ticket with support. 24 hours and cluster is dead…

hi @ekjuanrejon,
What does the cloud console log say ?
( either at the organisation or project level )

What are the symptoms you’re experiencing ?
Can you go to the web UI of your cluster ?

If not did you follow all the steps described here ?

Nothing loads… The Web UI doesn’t load. It says dns probe issue

Is that from inside your vpc in azure ?
A common error I make when settings things up manually is to enter the wrong IP ranges in the peering setup.
Remember that the database lives inside a dedicated VPC on EventStore Azure side.
That you need to access it from a VPC on your side of azure
that the 2 VPC’S need to be peered .

That you need access to your VPC from you local machine, either through a VPN or something like tailscale (

What is the status of your cluster in ?

@ekjuanrejon were you able to check further ?

what does

nslookup [your cluster ID]
nslookup [your cluster ID]

give as output ?