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I’m trying to make my ES instance start with an admin password defined by me and the docs ( say I should specify an Authentication Config file. It looks like that should be a YAML file but I can’t work out what to put in it. Sorry if I’ve missed something but can anyone point me in the right direction or give me an example please?

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Hi All,

Just wondered if anyone can help me out please? Basically, I need to start a new event store instance without the default username and password. Is that possible?

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Hi Adrian,

Currently the only way to do this would be to script the creation of your users and run the script on startup.

You can do this over the HTTP API. To create a new user, you would POST the user’s details to the ‘users’ endpoint.

This can also be done with the .NET client if you’d prefer.

For example, to create a user over http, the request would look like this :

`// user.js
“loginName”: “ouro”,
“fullName”: “Ouro”,
“groups”: [
“password”: “ouroboros”

Ah, OK. Thanks Hayley-Jean

So, I can’t set the admin password except through the UI then?



You can set it over a http request (that is how the UI does it)

Thanks Greg

The penny drops!


If it helps there is also a wrapper in the .net client API

And Peterborough… I have been there a few times they have a lovely … umm … thinking … passport office.

We’re using ruby and Linux but @Hayley-Jean’s curl command should do the trick.

Never been to Peterborough but I’m due a visit to our printers soon … you need to aim a few hundred miles north to find me :slight_smile:

I see there is now an option to use an authentication config file but can’t find any examples. Any pointers on how to set it up?

Bump on this. We want to set up the admin authentication from docker-compose.yaml, but this is blocking us.

Any help would be appreciated :bowing_man:‍♂