Atom xml Feed not generating valid xml in content


I’ve just started using EventStore and a question popped up from a team using our feed.

When we use ?embed=content then content says application/xml, but it is not a valid xml they say, since a root-element is missing.

Example (removing some unneccessary data):

<content type="application/xml">
    <eventStreamId xmlns="">__EVENT_STREAM_ID__</eventStreamId>   
    <eventNumber xmlns="">0</eventNumber>
    <eventType xmlns="">__EVENT_TYPE__</eventType>
    <eventId xmlns="">__EVENT_ID__</eventId>
    <data xmlns="">
    <metadata xmlns=""></metadata>

Is there some way of controlling this?

I use a proxy in front and could rewrite the response and insert a root-element, but that seems a bit to “hacky”.

Best Regards