Atom interface read batch size

I’m reading a stream by first going to the “last” link and then following the “previous” link until entries.length == 0 and/or there is no “previous” link any more. I also use the “embed” parameter to embed the event data. I notice that that the feed paging comes in blocks of 20. Is there a way to set this, either when creating the stream or in the http request?

We have talked about making this configurable, its a relatively easy
change. What size would you want it to be? Would it be via stream
metadata or would it be via a request parameter?

There are only really two places that would need changing I believe


where the links are generated.



Some page length value that can be configured using meta data and override it using request parameter (or header?) when the client feels like it.

During a catchup I’m also not interested in the entries that are returned in the head page. so requesting http://eventstore/streams/all_foobar_events/?pageSize=20000&embed=nothing could return only the links to “last”, “prev”, etc?

Why would you want to do 20000 on a page size?

you are talking about megabytes in terms of size. I was thinking more
something like 10 vs 100. Remember that the pages are infinitely
cacheable anyways so on a replay you would be hitting a cache not