Are projection production ready


I’m bit confused regarding the availability of this feature. On the web site it’s described as a feature so one would think this is production ready but on the github wiki this is stated as an experimental feature (

So what is the official state regarding the use of projections. I’m kind of eager to use them as it would simplify a lot of my code…


They are currently in late beta and will be released likely in the fall

Nice ! Thanks for the quick answer.

We are already using the (beta) projections in production and they are working well for us so far.

Any news on this? We are already using projections for some time now and they seem to work very stable except for some minor hiccups ( New features like competing consumers are great, but I think that in the long run it would be more beneficial for the product to polish the existing feature set for production use first.

Don’t get me wrong I’m really looking forward to competing myself and I appreciate the awesome work you and your team are doing with EventStore.



Hi Sebastian,

For transparency, feature prioritisation is done according to a simple set of calculations:

  1. Who is going to pay us directly to implement feature X?

  2. How many people are going to buy enterprise level support if feature X is available?

  3. How many people are going to buy standard support if feature X is available?

Hence competing (meets 1 and 2) is getting a lot more attention that projections (which currently meets none to the best of our knowledge!).



Really? That's surprising to me. I feel like projections are one of the top features of ES. I am skunkworks'ing it in to our production environment with more and more services depending on it over time. Once I've got it hooked in pretty tight, a support license purchase should follow. That's been the pattern with other products and has worked out.

One problem is I'd like to cluster it but their corporate IT makes you jump through hoops to get any changes to the server environment and right now we don't have the boxes.

For a fairly low volume system, do you think it's nuts to run on a single node for a while?

I agree they are one of the top features (I’d say more so they are probably the single largest differentiating factor). Keep in mind though that voting on top features is often not controlled by their overall applicability but based upon need of a given group :slight_smile:

Any new information on when projektions will be officially supported? We’re starting a new project this may and will be going into production come autumn and it would be great if they were ready at that point. We really see projections as one of the killer features of EventStore as the linkTo mechanism and other of the available operators are exactly what we’re looking for in our usage of event-streams. We’re not currently paying customers but that would surely change when we need to run production systems.

I think Autumn is reasonably safe.

Did you know you can use link to from the outside as well?

That sounds great!