Ansible scripts for EventStore?

Hi group,

Does anyone have or are aware of Ansible scripts for the latest
EventStore? The only ones I found on the interwebs are outdated.
Basically the APT install and config updates would be nice to have.
Clustering setup is a bonus.

cheers, Rickard

HI Rikard,

Did you manage to find any resources? especially Clustering bit ?


Instead of resurrecting old threads, start a new thread with what you want?

Alright, will do that, I thought startig new threads for similar topics was a big No-No


Hi Syed,

That's actually a great question! The answer is no, and on two fronts.
I did not find any scripts to provision the cluster itself (which was
puzzling, since provisioning and managing clusters is one of the great
things that Ansible makes easy), and I did not find any scripts on

What I ended up doing was cobbling together my own scripts for the
cluster provisioning and the EventStore role, and then I hired a core
Ansible developer for a day to clean it up. So now I have something
that works well, and is reasonably sure to be using the right patterns
and whatnot.

The scripts are not generic, in that they assume AWS, EBS, and NGINX
proxy, and do things related to that. Some parts are more generic,
such as inserting list of cluster instances into the config file,
which was a bit tricky.

If you're interested I can send the scripts offline, with the
disclaimer that you most likely will have to edit them to suit your
specific situation.

regards, Rickard

Thanks a lot Rickard, would really appreciate that. I can then see what piece of the puzzle I am missing and plug in the bits.


Is there any chance one of you could anonymize these and post them as an example on github or gist or something? I’d be interested to see them.



It’s not so much anonymizing that is the issue. The problem is they are kinda specific with regards to environment: how to set up a cluster on EC2 using EBS drives with NGINX proxy in front. But I can definitely post a gist of that, and peeps can adjust as necessary.

That would be great, I don’t have much experience with Ansible so would be cool just to see an example.