[ANN] Haskell client for Event Store


I’d like to announce my Event Store TCP client written in Haskell. It licensed under BSD3.
You can find the source on Github. Package is available on Hackage.

Here’s a list of supported features:

  • Single event writes.

  • Batch writes.

  • Transactional writes.

  • Stream deletion.

  • Single event reads.

  • Range reads from regular streams and from $all stream (backward and forward).

  • Volatile subscriptions (regular stream and $all).

  • Catch-up subscriptions (regular stream and $all).

  • Authenticated connection.
    Will be implemented:

  • Persistent subscriptions.

  • SSL connection.

Please tell me if I missed some other important features. I originally wrote that library because I need it for a real project,
so it will be maintained. I only implemented features I need first. Feel free to open a ticket (or better a pull request) on Github for something you need or a bug you’ve experienced. I’ll be as fast as I can.

Few notes on the code itself. This implementation uses a Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) library named Sodium. Connection bookkeeping (operation and subscription management for instance)
was amazingly easy to implement with it.

I only tested that library with EventStore 3.0.1.

Hope you enjoy it.



Very cool!