Alpha version of an EventStore nodejs client using RxJS streams

Contributions and feedback welcome, this is alpha version :wink:

This looks good! thanks for sharing this Chris, this can go up on the community contributed clients.

Will definitely be taking this for a spin soon!

Hello Chris,

Very neat approach, wondering how it perform?
Do you plan to use it in production? (when?)

Also about esproto, can’t see the tests, looks like a release repo?

Congrats for the efforts!

I dont have any good performance metrics yet but I do plan to use it in a production environment over the course of a year starting in about 4 - 6 months.
My first use case is a large sensor deployment with millions of events and low connectivity. Event store is a good way to let these clients get only the data they have missed

during brief connectivity windows. Esproto is just a static build of the protocol buffers published in the JVM client. I just used protobufjs to build that along with typescript types.

Once I get closer to production I will beef up the repo with better docs and tests. I’ll also try to collect some useful performance metrics. Thank you for taking a look!

Oh… ok thanks for the information! (guessing, it’s:

Yes that’s the one

I have made many additions and updates to this library. Documentation is now available at

I would say it’s at a beta stage.