All streams deletion

Hello, it might sound a stupid question, but how to soft delete all streams via event store UI or HTTP API?

The problem is what if i open EVENT_STORE/streams/da.myStreamName-c12d34234fgkg55645 then after “delete” click the stream is soft deleted, but how to delete all of them? I tried to navigate to EVENT_STORE/streams/$ce-da.myStreamName but after “delete” click my app still is able to read events. Why in this case the deletion does not work?

If you want to delete all streams why not just delete your data folder and restart? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Hey, thanks for your answer. I want to delete all streams what starts with da.myStreamName. There is any way to delete via UI or API?

2018 m. gruodis 30 d., sekmadienis 02:22:09 UTC+2, Greg Young rašė:

The easiest way would be to use the $streams projection, this will allow you to have a list of all streams you can then iterate through.

Ok, thanks!

2018 m. gruodis 30 d., sekmadienis 18:15:15 UTC+2, Greg Young rašė: