Adding projections on bootup


I am working with Event Store on a Dockerized environment. I need to load a series of custom projections when the EventStore container boots up.

Currently, I am using the REST API via a script that looks like this:

for projection in $PROJECTIONS
name=$(basename $projection .js)

curl “http://eventStore:2113/projections/continuous?name=testing1&emit=yes&checkpoints=yes&enabled=yes
-i -d @$projection
–user admin:changeit
-H “Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8”


I was wondering whether Event Store looks in a particular directory to load custom projections (it would be nice if I could simply mount such directory).


It doesn’t.

This is also something fairly unique to the use case you describe as this only applies when bringing up a new node and addirojections to it. Bringing up the same node eg rebooting it doesn’t need such things. I’m guessing this is a dev container as opposed to a production container?