Add user via .NET api

Hi guys,

I’m wondering are there any documentation on creating users via .NET api ?

So far I can see that users can be created by sending some events.

write event to stream - $users-


“loginName”: login,

“fullName”: "login,

“salt”: salt,

“hash”: hash,

“disabled”: false,

“groups”: []


and then write event to stream $$$users-


“$acl”: {

“$w”: “$admins”,

“$d”: “$admins”,

“$mw”: “$admins”



What does $admins value mean?

Am I missing something?

My intention is to create users programmatically.


$admins is a well-known user group implicitly required to write to system ($ prefixed) streams. You can also use other user groups (no need to create them separately), however it is not supported by the EventStore UI.

The suggested way to create users is via HTTP API by posting to /users/

See samples in tests in: