Acknowledgements not being recorded


I have a persistent subscription on a $by_category stream, with the ResolvedLinkedTos = true. I’m consuming events and immediately acknowledging the messages

for {
event, err := readConnectionClient.Read()


The events are being read, but these events are being sent to the parked messages bucket. How do I ack ResolvedLinkedTos events using the go client?


Could you show me the EventAppeared code?
You should have access to EventStore.Client.PersistentSubscription.

Then you simply do:

await persistentSubscription.Ack(resolvedEvent);

My implementation is using the EventStore-Client-Go implementation, Ack() expects the UUID. Here’s a reference that I followed

Not sure sorry.
I have only used the C# library.
If you Nak it, and add indicate not to park, does it do anything different?

I tried that as well, no difference

Out iof ideas, sorry.

Hi @rishi.rk and thanks for reporting the issue.

It’s a client bug. Because you set ResolveToS to true and how the Go client is currently written, it does the acknowledgement on the resolved event instead of the link event in this case ($by_category is only comprised of links). The ack is just ignored by the server because the event-id doesn’t belong to the persistent subscription.

I’m currently working on the Go client and will address that issue as soon as possible.

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