Ability to delete Event Streams in test mode

Hi Greg,

is there a way to delete event stream? We need an ability to reset event store after each test.

Is there a good way to do it.

We tried using EmbeddedEventStore (in memory) for testing, which would have worked well but

from time to time it has authentication issues even though same default credentials where provided to it.

How are you recognizing the system as being up with embedded (and what
version)? This is normally the issue that results in default
credential issue.

Greg is it possible to get stream delete functionalityin Event Store? Embedded event store is not always a solution for complex environment.

There is a delete stream operation already (been there since 1.0).


or send DELETE over http to the stream URI

You authentication issue is because the node isn't fully up yet. There
was an addition to make it easier in 3.5.0
ClusterNode.StartAndWaitUntilReady which handles this properly

From what Greg mentioned about StartAndWaitUntilReady returns a task that you can await on which will ensure that the node is up and ready to handle requests.

ClusterVNode node = EmbeddedVNodeBuilder