a quick design query

Hi all,

I’m in the process of putting ES in to my system as a pub/sub mechanism. I’m trying to communicate between a backend and an asp.net web api controller. I’m using a single stream as the queue for the backend, but was wondering what the best
way, given that APIController doesn’t implement GetHashCode, to ensure that the response only is returned to the controller from with the request was sent. I thought of having a single stream for each request, but then that seems like wasting resources. Does
anyone have any better ideas?

Help appreciated as always.

Kind regards


Streams cost nothing in event store it would be a fine solution and
offer nice debuggability

Hi Greg,

Thanks, I probably don't even need a persistent subscription for this, so that cuts my overhead even further! My only remaining question is can I subscribe to a stream that hasn't been created, if not is there a way to just create the stream without writing to it?

write to the metadata anything and it is considered created but empty.