700MB used on disk, 26GB RAM used by eventstore

So this is kind of interesting. My rather small eventstore test is now using 26+ GB of virtual memory (actually at one point it said 0.113t in TOP - which I have never seen before…)

Long story:

Running a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS xenial

EventStore version (HEAD/f1880e43483394efb96759eab903de2f1a679f58, Wed, 30 Nov 2016 11:54:21 +0000)

This is running on a Gen2 VM under Hyper-V with 512MB initial ram and dynamic ram availability.

loaded up ~6000 events, each containing about 10KB json data

have a total sum of 2 projections in the DB, first one splits and emits the above events to ~426 streams

The second one reads out a lot of smaller chunks of data from the above events from and emits into around 4000 streams

I have also been doing a number of queries while working out some more projections - but nothing fancy.

Disk space in use, 707 MB:

root@eventstore:~# du -h /var/lib/eventstore/

4.0K /var/lib/eventstore/index

707M /var/lib/eventstore/


The caching uses exactly the size of the file, it is literally just an
off heap allocation the size of the file.

Also RES (resident) is 985308.

running locally I get much smaller virtual though

What do you see in /proc/[pid]/maps

I removed the eventstore DB, reloaded events and projections, and now virtual is at 6.4M - far more reasonable.

Wondering if I had some queries or projections go haywire earlier?

Anyway, I have the old data and stopping and starting it still blew virt up to 26GB so I could load it up if it is interesting/helpful.

Feel free to put it up somewhere we can download it from and we will
give it a try

I put it back up, but did not touch it while running (except opening the dashboard and clicking on a few streams). This time it didn’t balloon up and stayed at a reasonable 4-6MB of RAM. So not sure what caused it initially.

I have made the /var/lib/eventstore files available, will ping you with location.