4.0.0 Breaking changes: Handling of special characters breaks web ui.

I use streams with names included ‘@’ symbol (for example some@domain.com). Event store <4.0.0 works fine but after update web ui show “stream does not exists” for http://localhost:2113/web/index.html#/streams/some%40domain.com. How can I see stream events with special characters?

Hi Andrey,

The way the mono version of Event Store handles special characters in streams changed in 4.0.0, and was noted under the breaking changes in the blog post here

That said, you should still be able to read those streams when double encoding them. What OS are you running on?

After some exploring, I found problem, but I cannot understand where is it happening. Event store used with

Event Store Plugin for Akka Persistence. Because of The name of the actor is the entity identifier (utf-8 URL-encoded) persistence ID become with %40 but not with @ character. When event persisted some where double encode happend (for % character) and event stream name become with %252540 string (but in UI displayed as %2540)