15MB large event

Hello Community!

I was able to add a 15 megabyte event to the EventStore. Everything seems fine. Will the EventStore work stable processing such large events? Has it been tested with such great sizes?

Thank you for answer.



Someone asked a simialr question yesterday on slack.

Seems like 4mb is the upper limit.

What is the payload being persisted as a single event?

In practice, I will have much smaller events (max 3MB I think). The question is theoretical. I just want to know what are the limitations of the tool I am using (i.e. EventStore Database).

Unfortunately, I cannot open the Slack link you provided. Workspace name is required - I don’t know what to enter there.

If 4MB is the limit, why did I manage to add a 15MB event?
While browsing the EventStore source code, I came across the option --maxAppendSize - “The maximum size of appends, in bytes. May not exceed 16MB” So I think the limit is 16MB. In fact, the limit is 16767216 bytes - because someone made a mistake in the digit, because 16MB is 16777216.

An event’s hard limit is 16MB minus one bit total—meaning payload and also all other properties like the event’s type and the name.

Thank you for confirmation.
But check the code for a typo, because 16MB is 16777216 - not 16767216 = the current maximum size for the maxAppendSize option.