Running single node in the cloud

I wrote that up super quick and dirty. Thanks for making it better…and open!

BTW. I upgraded to the latest stable version and the DB had zero problems.

The new Client API was a bit of trouble though.

Good job

Could you elaborate about troubles with ClientAPI? We had release candidate, not release, yet. And meanwhile have found and fixed few bugs, maybe that was what you experienced, maybe not. If not, it’s better to fix it now. :slight_smile:

Not quite so, actually. If you manage to complete last chunk and start writing the next one after you copied old writer.chk, on restart from backup EventStore will give error, that DB is corrupted. Probably we’ll need to add some command line parameter that disables DB verification checks in such cases…

I pulled your changes in and just pushed another version that uses ILDasm to create a nice single .exe for deploy. Seems to work really well.