RFC: ServiceStack.EventStore

I just wanted to ask whether the good people on this forum might scan a critical eye on a project that we pushed to GitHub a few days ago:


It has been developed as a plugin for ServiceStack. The basic idea is that it should be part of the glue that binds our planned micro-services together.

It’s still very early days in that it is not yet in production and we are still in the process of adding further integration tests.

I’d be very interested in any comments, criticisms (either at a code, logic, or conceptual level), and suggestions that people might have!

Further details here.

So I have a question after reading a bit of code. Why have:

    public void On(FlightCreated @event)

On flight state?

Good catch, Greg.

That is something that is currently enforced by the plugin in that every event is meant to have a handler. However, what’s the value of
an event handler that does nothing? None whatsoever.

One for the todo list.