Persistent Subscription on projection doesn't return the correct type


I have created a persistent subscription on a $ce-… stream.

When i connect to the that subsciption using the dontnet core client, it works and I receive events.

The only thing that makes it a little bit impossible to use, is it returns the event type as this string “$>” instead of the type I have stored in the event store.

Do I need to update the projection or how can I get the event type that is stored in the event store instead of “$>”.


First you need to set resolveLinksTos on the persistent subscription options. Then the event will arrive with both the link and event. The event is what you’re looking for. If resolveLinks is false the event is the link. Links are just a specialised event that event store understands as a pointer to another event.

Note resolution can fail for several reasons; deleted steams, permissions etc. In that case the event will be null but the link will still be set.