EventStore slow start up (Loading PTable slow)


We are running a 3 node cluster on v. 3.9.3 with around 300GB’s of data in the data folders. Because of a projection problem, we restarted the nodes - this however took a long time, and I’m wondering why…?

From the logs it appears that “Loading PTable” was the culprit since it took 35 min to do that. During this nodes was initializing, and communication not possible.

[PID:27200:015 2017.02.14 09:26:54.024 TRACE PTable ] Loading PTable (Version: 2) ‘b68af890-5d6a-42f4-b032-e3f041c9f9b9’ (997428335 entries, cache depth 22) done in 00:35:12.8953016.

During the initialization period it was reading a large file 20GB from the data/index folder for a long time if that helps.