$by_eventtype projection failing to start

in Eventstore we see the $by_eventtype projection in a Faulted state, showing the following error

An event emitted in recovery for stream $et-EvseStatusChanged differs from the originally emitted event. Existing(’$>’, ‘C:2216314797375/P:2216314797375’). New(’$>’, ‘C:2216314769054/P:2216314769054’)

Is there a way to recover from this?

nothing changed from the google group, items with projections in the title are still ignored :frowning:

Have you recently run a scavenge?
I have hit this problem a few times, and usually ends up me skipping the checkpoint forward :expressionless:

We actually stopped running scavenges for a bit
and skipping the checkpoint might not be an option as this projection is also consumed by our business intelligence team, who might not like the gap in their data, but I’ll check
Thx for the pointer

Could u reset the event type projection?
I appreciate it might mean a whole lot of events being replayed.

a whole lot of events, last time we reset a projection, it took a couple of days to replay
but i’ll see if i can judge the impact, stop clients from consuming etc etc

It might be worth checking the events at the positions in the message.
If you’re getting this error because an event was deleted or something along those lines, then moving the checkpoint shouldn’t cause a gap in the data


are there any documentation/examples on how to skip/set the checkpoint?
I could not find it in the documentation

Just an update:
I found the completely missing documentation for 4.1.3 and then the total lack of documentation on checkpoints in the documentation that does exist, reason enough to not go further with the suggested “change the checkpoint” solution, mostly as I couldn’t judge what might go wrong and how to rollback changes if that would happen.

So a week ago I pressed the reset button on the $by_event_type projection and 7 days later is just over 70%, hopefully it will finish by the end of this week. fingers crossed…