built-in $by_event_type projection not getting all events

we have many streams where the same event type is written (i.e. some feeder streams). We use the $by_event_type projection to consolidate this in another stream of ($et-ItemEventsPublished).

Last night/early this morning we noticed that several events were not there, and we have a ‘gap’ in the consolidated stream.

So we see an event written 2/8/2016 @19:01 (event 12) in the $et-ItemEventsPublished stream

Next event written to this stream (event 13) is on 2/9/2016 @ 04:01, and then we have another ~11k after that.

However, it’s at least missing ~1000k events that arrived on 2/9/2016 @ 00:01 that arrived in one of these 'feeder" streams.

The projections all look good (i.e. all caught up and not in a faulted state).

I shut down GES and backed up the database directory, but I’m do not know how to proceed, both to recover and understand why this happened.

This is using GES on a windows 2012 r2 vm.



added an issue in github github.com/EventStore/EventStore/issues/803 to help track.

Thank you, it’s better to keep track of issues in github anyway.